Oct 30, 2020 - 7 in 10 urban Indians now hooked to mobile gaming: Report

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This cargo ship cuts emissions 90% using an old-fashioned trick: Sails

Using sails to transport goods? An idea so old it's new again.

The tens of thousands of cargo ships that travel the world's oceans - carrying everything from jeans and smartphones to cars and bananas - collectively emit more CO2 than most countries. A new ship called the Oceanbird, in development now, is designed to help: With huge, wing-like sails, it runs on wind power, but will be able to cross the Atlantic in less than two weeks, only a few days longer than a ship running on fossil fuels.

For the shipping industry, which is racing to figure out how to cut emissions in line with the goals of the Paris climate agreement, the design has advantages compared to other potential solutions. Unlike cars, ships can't easily shift to electric power, since the massive size of a cargo ship means that it would need to be filled with batteries to run, leaving little room for cargo. Ships can run on liquified natural gas, but that would only partially reduce emissions. Ammonia fuel doesn't pollute as it burns but is polluting to produce. Wind energy can avoid all those challenges.

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Exclusive: Infosys wins $500 million all-digital deal from Google

As part of the Google-Infosys deal, India’s second largest IT firm will provide customer experience and engineering support for the search engine’s products.

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The whole web pays for Google and Facebook to be free

Why is everything on the internet getting so expensive? Blame ad-supported search and social networking

How Dunzo Achieved 40x Growth in India in Two Years

Dunzo has scaled from 600 merchants in March 2019 to 11,000 merchants in February 2021.

Chinese hackers still targeting Indian port, says US firm

Recorded Future could see a ‘handshake’ -- indicating an exchange of traffic -- between a China-linked group and an Indian maritime port, said Stuart Solomon, the firm’s chief operating officer.

PayPal to hire 1,000 engineers for its India Development Centres

Global digital payments company PayPal on Wednesday said it will hire 1,000 engineers for its India Development Centres across Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad over the course of the year. It will hir

India’s migrant workers need better policies

NITI Aayog’s draft report is well-intentioned. But its failure to address the policy distortions at the root of migrant workers’ issues cannot be overlooked

EXCLUSIVE: India's largest insurer LIC is inviting bids from payment aggregators⁠

This could be a huge opportunity for companies and payments startups providing access to LIC's over 250 million customers. Business Insider has learnt that,

India’s new digital rules are bad news for democracy

The new rules expand the government’s already considerable control over digital entities and will likely affect freedom of expression and privacy.

After the blackout

Power breakdown in Mumbai last year exposes vulnerability, points to new front. It should serve as wake-up call

Infosys' promise to create 500 jobs in Calgary will grow the tech market: CED CEO

Calgary Economic Development and Invest Alberta just hosted a virtual news conference where digital services company Infosys announced it will create 500 jobs in Calgary over the next three years. CED CEO, Mary Moran, joins BNN Bloomberg fresh off the announcement to discuss the opportunity.

Wipro joins WEF to promote culture of diversity and inclusion at workplace

Wipro Limited announced that it has joined the ‘Partnering for Racial Justice in Business initiative’ launched by the World Economic Forum to promote a culture of diversity, inclusion, equity and just

Edtech start-up Scaler earmarks ₹ 1 crore to upskill 1,000 women in tech

Launches Scaler Include, a diversity programme, ahead of International Women’s day, to improve skewed gender ratio in country’s tech workforce

Reliance Infratel creditors to get ₹3,515 crore after NCLT upholds Doha Bank plea

The National Company Law Tribunal’s (NCLT) Mumbai has upheld a petition filed by Doha Bank that would help in full recovery of ₹3,515 crore for the financial creditors of Reliance Infratel Ltd (RITL).

UK-based financial platform Tide to hire 300 employees for Hyderabad centre

Tide, a UK-based financial platform, said on Wednesday that it would hire 300 employees for its Global Development Centre in Hyderabad by the end of 2021. This will take the total number of employees

Accenture and Infosys announce vaccination for staff, families

Accenture and Infosys became the first tech services providers to announce Covid-19 vaccination plans for their employees and dependents on Wednesday.Accenture said it would cover the cost of vaccinat

We need to build a cloud for the next decade: Satya Nadella

As businesses have accelerated their digital journeys over the past one year, demand for technology has significantly picked up to enable various use-cases like telehealth, remote manufacturing, and new ways of working from home

Google vows no new user tracking in Chrome ad data changes

The digital giant has been working on proposals to remove from Chrome so-called third party cookies, which are snippets of code used by a website's advertisers to record browsing history in order to show users personalized ads

India's new intermediary liability and digital media regulations will harm the open internet

By Udbhav Tiwari Last week, in a sudden move that will have disastrous consequences for the open internet, the Indian government notified a new regime for intermediary liability and digital media regulation. Intermediary liability (or “safe harbor”) protections have been fundamental to growth and innovation on the internet as an open and secure medium of […]

Instagram accidentally hid likes for some users: Report

Instagram briefly hid likes from some of its users, after the company accidentally expanded a long-running test of the feature.

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