May 20, 2020 - Teleperformance Firing 3000 Indian Employees From 19 Cities; NITES Files Complaint With Labor Ministry

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Not even wrong: ways to predict tech

A ​lot of really important technologies started out looking like expensive, impractical toys. The engineering wasn't finished, the building blocks didn't fit together, the volumes were too low and the manufacturing process was new and imperfect. In parallel, many or even most important things propose some new way of doing things, or even an entirely new thing to do. So it doesn't work, it's expensive, and it's silly. It's a toy.

Some of the most important things of the last 100 years or so looked like this - aircraft, cars, telephones, mobile phones and personal computers were all dismissed.

But on the other hand, plenty of things that looked like useless toys never did become anything more.

This means that there is no predictive value in saying 'that doesn't work' or 'that looks like a toy' - and that there is also no predictive value in saying 'people always say that’'. As Pauli put it, statements like this are 'not even wrong' - they do not give you any insight into what will happen. You have to go one level further. You have to ask 'do you have a theory for why this will get better, or why it won't, and for why people will change their behaviour, or for why they won't'?

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Abidali Neemuchwala's legacy at Wipro: base for growth installed; culture shift still loading

Four CEOs across a decade have struggled to raise Wipro’s growth in line with that of the industry. Neemuchwala, who joined in 2015 to script a turnaround, left earlier this month, midway through the process. New CEO Thierry Delaporte has to complete the job, which may turn out to be a tougher task.

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Here’s how Infosys CISO mitigates risk with proactive intelligence

With accelerated digitization in the face of Covid-19, security infrastructure is transforming too. Infosys CISO highlights the need for proactive int..

Silver linings: IT spawned a new middle class for India in the 1990s. Healthcare can be the new IT

With healthcare receiving utmost priority from policy makers like no other period in recent Indian history, an opportunity to replicate the IT sector’s success beckons. Flagging the huge employment opportunity, capital intensive nature of business,...

Zoom won’t provide end-to-end encryption to those who use app for free

Zoom, an America-based video calling platform, said that it won’t be able to provide end-to-end encryption for people who use the app for free. The decision has been taken as the platform is willing t

Children focussing more on online classes than on PC games: Kaspersky report

What did children do in the times of the Covid-19 pandemic? They spent a little less time on computer games. Busy with online classes and work assignments, they seem to be concentrating more on video

Apple tracks down iPhones that were stolen from stores during US protests

The retails stores located in New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Washington and Philadelphia have been tracked.Apple devices stolen from these retail locations received an on-screen message

SpaceX launches 60 Starlink Internet satellites into orbit

This was the eighth batch since May 2019 and takes the current count of Starlink constellation of satellites to 482. The previous launch that took place in April also carried 60 satellites.

COVID-19: FM Nirmala Sitharaman holds virtual meeting with IT body Nasscom

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday held a virtual meeting with senior officers of IT industry body Nasscom.  In a tweet, Nasscom President Debjani Ghosh said, “Thank you Respected FM @nsitharaman ji for a very productive discussion with @Nasscom leaders. The tech industry is determined to ensure we emerge stronger from the crisis and we thank you for your willingness to engage and support. #ThinkDigitalThinkIndia”.

Technology helped tackle COVID-19, says KTR

Artificial intelligence helped analyse the cases and in distribution of ration to the poor and migrants: Minister

Andhra Pradesh to use IBM's Watson AI for Coronavirus information

Tech companies have developed AI chatbot to solve Coronavirus-related queries in the past few months.

Unlock 1.0: Here's what tech startups are doing to help

Here are the smart solutions by Indian startups assisting Government and Corporates for ensuring the safety of the employees at the workplace.

HCL brings its Commerce platform to Google Cloud

IT major HCL Technologies on Thursday said it will bring its software offerings, starting with HCL Commerce, to Google Cloud.

Unacademy eyeing unicorn club as it talks for $100-150M

Existing investors, including General Atlantic and Steadview Capital, are likely to double down on their stake

Tech Is Global. Right?

The internet is evolving from a homogeneous blob into something more like the diverse world.

Google and Walmart establish dominance in India’s mobile payments market as WhatsApp Pay struggles to launch

In India, it’s Google and Walmart-owned PhonePe that are racing neck-and-neck to be the top player in the mobile payments market, while Facebook remains mired in a regulatory maze for WhatsApp Pay’s rollout. Google Pay had more than 75 million transacting users last month, ahead of PhonePe’s …

No rush to bring techies back to campuses, say IT companies

As coronavirus spread, the $147 billion industry moved to a work-from-home model for its over 4 million workers.

It’s Always Sunny in India’s Renewable Power Market

Wind and solar project developers compete to offer the lowest possible prices for zero-carbon power in India.

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