Oct 26, 2018 - Topline growth at IT's fab four slows, but headcount, revenue traction bode well

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Startup idea: Oyo for Retail
For all you Retail entrepreneurs/wantrepreneurs out there, here's a startup idea - An Oyo-style roll-up of kirana stores across India! Compared to modern trade or ecommerce, the kirana still offers more convenience, is willing to deliver rather quickly and is usually a better option for top-ups, as well as last-minute purchases. Now modernize these stores (add self-service aisles, POS, loyalty program, etc - Metro is already doing something similar, but their objective is different). Rebrand these stores under your brand ('Freshmart') and the customer has an attractive new option to shop from. On the back-end, consolidate sourcing (once you have some scale) and get better rates from FMCG / other vendors. Pass on part of these savings to your loyal shoppers (thus attracting more customers). Start with one city, then add more. More details to be fleshed out, but would love to hear feedback on this idea (simply reply to this email).

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Sorry, Mr Nilekani. Boring isn't good enough for Infosys

Infosys shares have outperformed Nifty IT index by 4.5% since Nandan Nilekani took over as chairman in late August 2017. But things aren’t as stable as they seem

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Amazon's cloud revenue in India up threefold

Amazon Internet Services (AISPL), the reseller for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in India, also reported a profit of Rs 28 crore, compared with a Rs 10-crore loss the previous year.

H-4 Visa change: If Trump goes ahead, wives and husbands of Indian IT workers in US will not get any jobs

The change in the H-4 visa rules -- it may happen in less than three months from now -- will majorly hit the wives and husbands of Indian H-1B visa holders.

India to develop technology to reduce climate impact of cooling by five times

The Ministry of Science & Technology today announced the launch of Global Cooling Prize, an international competition to incentivize the development o..

India needs to invest more in scientific research and development: ISF

India lags behind economies like China in catalysing research, says K Dinesh, president of ISF.

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