OneDirect organised India’s largest Customer Experience Management Summit – Quest 2016


Customer experience has become the differentiating factor among the top brands. Every business is realizing the true importance of better customer experience. In India, brands have now joined the bandwagon of providing great customer experience.

OneDirect, a leading customer experience management platform, organised the second edition of Quest, India’s largest Customer Experience Management Summit, to address the emergence and importance of CEM. Quest 2016’s versatile format encouraged discussion on how businesses can take advantage of new technologies and other tools to better customer service. The event promoted the exchange of ideas around customer experience and also laid foundation for a continuous communication among brands in the future.

Held on April 26, 2016, at Radisson Blu Plaza, New Delhi, Quest brought together 200+CXOs, senior marketers and customer service professionals from various sectors and leading brands. Supporting a fresh approach to guarantee superlative levels of customer satisfaction, Quest 2016 was a confluence of ideas, thought leadership and insights on the evolution of CEM.

Ankur Singla, founder of OneDirect and Helpchat, gave the opening remarks. It was followed by the first panel discussion, moderated by Ankur Warikoo, co-founder of Nearbuy. The topic for the same was How to manage customer experience across channels and leverage customer data? Panellists included Laxmi Rajan (Head - Customer Experience & Operations, Vodafone, Manish Dureja ( ‎Managing Director , ‎JetPrivilege), Ankit Tandon (‎VP Operations, OYO Rooms),  Arvinder Gujral (Director Business Development, Twitter), and Ravinesh Kumar (Executive Director Public Grievance, Indian Railway). The session’s highlight has to be Ravinesh Kumar’s chronicling of how the Indian Railways’ Twitter handle works to help passengers with their travails. Gujral talked about how Twitter has been used by customers as well as brands to enhance the levels of customer experience.

It was followed by an innovative round table discussion where all the attendees got to participate and deliberate on topics like What will customer service look like in 2020?, Best customer experiences are unique and not repeatable, Creating customer journey map to improve experience, and Creating customer-centric culture throughout an organization.

Customer experience as a differentiator was the topic for the second panel discussion that was followed soon after. Moderated by Harminder Sahni (founder and MD of Wazir Advisors), the discussion had panellists like Prabhjeet Singh (Head – Strategy and Planning, Uber), Gaurav Mehta (Chief Marketing Officer, OLX India), Alok Kumar (Chief Service Delivery Officer, Aircel) and Arvind Vohra (Country CEO and MD, Gionee). Gaurav Mehta’s remark on how he learnt from his daughter’s feedback on the bedtime stories (he told) was highly appreciated. Arvind Vohra and Prabhjeet Singh talked about how prioritising customer grievances and engagement has helped the growth of their respective companies.

Later in the evening, Quest Customer Experience Awards 2016, one of the most important events in the calendar for CX professionals across the nation were given to deserving winners. Judged by Dharamarajan K., Ravi Bhaskaran, Deepak Rai, the winners were selected through a rigorous process. More than 100 nominations were received from 60+ brands. Out of that, 10 winners were selected across four categories.


Here are the winners

Customer Experience Innovator of the Year – Alok Kumar, Chief Service Delivery Officer, Aircel

Best Omni-channel Customer Experience Brand – Bookmyshow

Best Use of Social Media for CX Improvement – Oyo Rooms

LG, HDFC, Jet Airways, Uber, Vodafone, Dominos and Indian Railways were recognised as the Best Overall Customer Experience brands in their respective sectors.

 “Providing great customer experience is a tough job. While organizations across all industries are working tirelessly to provide the ‘WOW’ customer experience to their customers, we wish to celebrate the passion for building meaningful and lasting relationships with customers by recognizing our fellow customer experience, customer service and marketing professionals with Quest Customer Experience Awards 2016,” said Ankur Singla.

The event promoted solutions to the challenges faced in this multi-channel world along with the use of big data and AI for the betterment of user engagement through various channels. The discussions also focused on the use of automation and customer journey mapping to improve CEM.

OneDirect is paving the way ahead for the CEM industry in India and also recognises important achievements in this field. Apart from uncovering new understandings, Quest also helped raise the benchmark for customer experience in the country at large.


About OneDirect

OneDirect is a Customer Experience Management platform that helps brands manage their customer experience across all online channels including mobile.

OneDirect was launched in 2009 with the singular purpose of helping Indian brands overcome challenges they faced with Customer Experience Management. Since then, OneDirect has evolved as a pioneer in the CEM space with a suite of world-class products that have been implemented by revered market leaders.


Introducing Birdvision; A pioneering consumer experience and engagement management company

1. Tell us about your journey so far. Why do you think Indian brands need home grown solutions for consumer engagement?

Birdvision’s story is a unique one. It has focused on institution and business building instead of heading for the much touted VC route right after inception. It has been supported by a group of angel investors who were very clear about the long term potential of such a technology platform and its uses.

Over the last two years, Birdvision has used its considerable experience into consumer insights and technology to build a platform that drives engagement programs for some of the major brands in the Indian market. It boasts of genuine revenue earning models instead of pure app downloads with high CAC. It has also spread its distribution channel with over 15 partners across India in the last year itself. With more data flowing into the system, the BVC CEM system is evolving at a very fast pace and would be opening up its developer environment by next year.

The very heterogeneity of the Indian market and its underlying dynamics that defines each sub market has always traditionally made it difficult for any brand to crack it successfully at one go. The likes, dislikes, tastes, dialect, behavior, demographics, etc. seem to change every 50-100kms. A one size fits all consumer engagement technology solution based on a completely SaaS based model which has worked wonders in more or less homogenous Western markets will fail to take off in the domestic Indian market.

What we need is a technology based consumer engagement framework which can set standards for developers to build on and is capable of engaging people across the spectrum, across different SEC divisions, across diverse cultures & therefore has a robust architectural design with open APIs and integration guides. Engagement needs a highly “personalized” touch and hence we need home grown solutions that have in-depth knowledge of consumers and brands in this highly complex environment that encompasses many sub - markets within markets.

2. Brand loyalty is an often used over-rated term. Do you think consumers of today are ‘loyal’ to a brand?

Brand loyalty is not the myth that it is made out to be by some today! It remains that one metric that each company & each of its brands run after. Reams of reports & analysis show that a loyal consumer is the most potent weapon for any brand. Haven’t we heard of the brand called "TATA”?
A loyal consumer not only acts a great ambassador, he/she also protects the brand’s reputation in difficult times. It takes a certain amount of sustained effort to create this “loyal consumer”. But once done, it gives the brand an unparalleled and undue advantage of similar products in the market.

3. How do you harness the emotional connect of consumers to enable better engagement?

Birdvision uses proprietary software platform and environment to create a brand persona for a particular brand and connect this to various channels. Each brand persona or avatar then starts to interact with consumer across various mediums and channels. This ensures that the brand experience for the same consumer remains the same across channels. Progressive profiling of each consumer, feedback loops and use of machine learning is used extensively to provide “a personalized experience” to each consumer. This is used as the pivotal tool to create an emotional connect with consumers.

4. User experience forms the core of brand engagement and is something that is highly subjective. Your take?

It is. Creating experiences for consumers should be the one and only target for brands, everything else will follow. Being highly subjective, it is important to create artificial intelligence in a machine wherein individual human idiosyncrasies, peccadilloes and proclivities are reduced to a large extent. Wherever the human touch is absolutely a must, Standard Operating Procedures and Help via technology platforms has to be used to bring a consistent brand experience at any point in time. Technology should help the brand know, understand, interact and engage with each consumer at a unit level.

5. Hyper-personalization in engagement is something most brands haven’t been able to crack. How does your platform help brands tackle this?

At Birdvision we have created a 3E framework (Enrol, Engage, Encash) that uses incentive modeling and gamification in a seamless manner to create environments in which consumer identification, brand experiences, engagement activities are carried out in a manner wherein the consumer feels wanted and knows that they are interacting with a genuinely caring brand. Highly personalized activities and interactions happen on the basis of micro-segmentation (that happens in a unique way and is constantly evolving for each consumer in a life cycle) and responsiveness in-built into the brand persona.

6. Any concluding comments

The importance of Consumer Engagement & Experience as a domain cannot be underestimated in today’s time. This is finally what will define the Great from the Good companies in the new era! A discerning consumer with all the information at hand will only decide based on her brand experiences. Companies laying their bets only on a heavy discounting game will fall by the wayside as companies which focus on building a genuine relationship will very swiftly scale up with consumer advocate communities.

Ansuman Dani, Founder, Birdvision
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